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Roll-off roll-on hook containers.. Roll-off containers….. Hooklift containers… Dumpsters….. Open-top waste containers… Roll-off roll-on containers…. Surprisingly, all of the above-mentioned names mean the same type of containers. These containers are usually carried by special trucks with hydraulic arms that load /unload the containers. This type of containers is mostly used to store and to transport the construction or demolition waste, industrial wastes, waste paper, wood, sludge or even grain! All the hook roll-off containers have two metal rollers serving as wheels what allows not to scratch the surface. However, there are many goods that are not accepted by waste containers’ rental companies. These items include but are not limited to paint, tires, electrical equipment, etc

Recycling von Abfällen ( WEEE, Hausmüll , Sondermüll ) ist ein der wichtigsten Probleme der modernen Menschheit. Die große Menge von Stilllegungsflächen werden für die Einleitung von Abwasser in Metallbehältern gesammelt (Abrollcontainer Typ Standard , ...

Our clients of hook-lift containers and skip containers for different types of waste

- councils

- municipalities

- local authorities responsible for waste management

- companies performing selective sorting of wastes

- companies of collection, ...

The removable hooklift containers, platforms and sledges are now widely present in the agricultural sector and their versatility, interchangeability are their principal advantages.

Hooklift platforms are designed not only for transportation of agricultural loads but also for easy transportation of ...

These removable bins with or without back door, receiving either on the 1 or on the 2 lateral sides (according to the customer's choice)  a single door with 4 door leaves (2 +2) or 2 two-leaves doors or four separate doors each of a single door leaf.

All the lateral doors ...

Hooklift containers of VOLGA FRANCE are suitable for 4 major categories of industrial waste
(list given below is indicative but not exhaustive).

 - Packaging (paper, cardboard, wood pallets, plastic film)
For this type of industrial waste the most suitable are the hook lift container of type "Standard".

- The industrial waste, non-inert and non-hazardous (DIB) - packaging, cardboard, textile, glass, kitchen waste


VOLGA FRANCE : skip containers 5-15 m3 norm AFNOR NF R17 -106, SS 3020
Hooklift containers range
General deion of waste hooklift containers
Recycling of garbage (WEEE , household waste, hazardous waste )

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