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Options for hooklift multilift containers 7-41 m3, options for skip containers and other waste bins
1-leaf door, lower opening, top locking
Sealed door, roof openings
Separation in hooklift container
Arches for butterfly nets
Oil-vanes in hooklift container
Reinforced door for tractor passage
Arches and publicity space
Crane upon container floor, vanes
4 rolls (2 under front panel)
Inclined 1-leaf door
Grain opening, universal container door
Universal door, heigth increasing details, grain openings
Hook lift container with inclined roof and nozzles for tubes connection
Sealed hooklift container, with top hatches
Crane passage in the front panel of hooklift container
Container hight increasing details
Sliding roof on hook lift waste container
Up-down door opening, for bulk cargo
Universal door (top opening, 2 door-leaves)
Hook lift container with side 2 door leaves


VOLGA FRANCE : skip containers 5-15 m3 norm AFNOR NF R17 -106, SS 3020
Hooklift containers range
General deion of waste hooklift containers
Recycling of garbage (WEEE , household waste, hazardous waste )

22 Bis Rue des Juifs
08700 JOIGNY-SUR-MEUSE – France

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